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Note to Self: Officially Potty Trained is NOT a Thing!

Note to self: Officially Potty Trained is NOT a Thing!

All week long, I have been keeping track of David Michael’s Accident-Free status and let me tell you… those days were adding up and FAST! He was up to 7 days Accident-Free during the day and I was dreaming up all the different ways I would tell my mom friends and how they would react, alla Ralphie from A Christmas Story. Surely they would be astounded at David’s magnificent progress and my amazing parenting skills… Surely they would recognize me as a beacon for parenting prowess… Surely they would all marvel at this 7 day Accident-Free streak and ask me to help all of them with their own potty training journeys (am I the only one who dreams these weird things up?!?!?)!

At one point today, I was on the phone with poison control because our lovely potty trainer had one-by-one, fed his purple grapes to our wild, Rexasaurus dog… Anyways, at the same time, my husband was bringing in all the groceries when all of a sudden, we noticed a gigantic, gleaming POOP sitting in David’s potty! And here, David was just walking around with his Donald Duck figurine as if nothing happened. Had he pooped all by himself?!?! Without prompting? Without our help to get his pants down or back up? Without our insistent “Come on, you can do it!”???? Without wiping??? Ewwwww… Even so, I was UNBELIEVABLY proud and thought to myself, “Yup, he’s officially potty trained now!”


Out of nowhere, he peed his pants… He peed his pants three times. He peed his pants right in front of us! What in the world????

So I guess… I can nix those fanciful mom-brag daydreams and get back to the grind of regular potty training. I have to remind myself: potty training is a JOURNEY. David Michael is doing so well, but he is still really young and he will have accidents from time to time. Today was a complete madhouse, so I suppose that was part of what happened in the end.

Besides, tomorrow is a new day. And you better believe I will start my Accident-Free Counter over again! Here’s to a new day and dry pants!

P.S. – Don’t worry! Our dog is just fine! We ended up giving him some special formula of hydrogen peroxide and peanut butter to induce vomiting and after two doses of this special formula (This dog has a stomach of steel….) he finally threw up the grapes PHEW! He is doing great now!

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