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17 Successes on Day 4 of Potty Training!

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

You all! Day four has been the best so far, by far! Part of the reason this day was so good is that we stayed home pretty much all day long. It is so much easier to monitor our son’s pee and poop schedule when we are home with him. The other thing we’ve started to notice is that David seems to know when he has to pee, even when he’s going to sleep. Multiple times at night on this particular night, he woke up and came to the door in his bedroom and I found that he had peed right there. Since he is so young, he still has a hard time pushing his own pants down. For this reason we have decided to try to let him sleep without pants so that if he needs to use the potty he can just go himself.

Although he is not yet self initiating, he does seem to have a basic understanding of when he has to pee or poop. It was so great to see that he was coming to the door and crying when he had to pee or poop. The only problem is that we did not get to him early enough to prevent an accident on this particular night. We came into his room and stepped right into a little puddle of pee (and this poor child feels so bad whenever he wets himself at this point!). I also found another little puddle right in front of his potty chair. Did you read that?!?!?! He clearly had tried to pee at his potty chair, but he couldn’t get his pants down. Even though it’s technically an accident… to me it was a huge success. To see that he knew to go to his party even if he couldn’t get his pants down is HUGE.

We also had originally made plans to see some friends at a playground. I decided that it was still a little bit too early to go to a playground with him. Playground outings are really more Block 4 ish. So even though I had a few plans set, I did decide to go ahead and cancel them. This is something that Jamie really recommends in her book the “Oh Crap! Potty Training Book.” She recommends that you actually cancel all social plans for two weeks. I think that this is not a bad idea. Once you get into it, then you can actually go ahead and schedule some impromptu things if your child is moving faster than you were expecting. So, given that Day 4 is over and done. Here are my closing thoughts for these first few days of potty training:

  1. Teach your child to dress and undress themselves as soon as you can!

  2. Although I know it is a pain, I find that night training at the same time as day training has really helped to solidify the concepts and has kept my son moving forward with this process. I definitely would recommend night training at the same time!

  3. CANCEL social plans! It is just so much easier to really watch your child when you aren’t socializing or working or making plans or even talking on the phone. I didn’t fully cancel all social plans for two solid weeks, but it is a MUST for this first week, for sure.

  4. CELEBRATE! What big achievements your child is making! Continue to celebrate their growth and their independence. I know you must be proud!

And now, here is the Play-By-Play from This Day (Notice that now I have emboldened only the accidents since there are so few!):

  • Peed in potty 230 am

  • Peed in potty 730 am

Finished Milk - 815

Finished oatmeal, sausage, quiches, - 852

  • 910 - peed in pants; 915 - peed on potty

Commando walk 1 block success!

  • 1030 - peed on potty

  • 11 - peed on potty

  • 1115 - peed on potty

Finished oatmeal, chicken, pasta 1215

  • 1220 - peed on potty!

Nap drive commando with no accidents!!!

  • 135 - peed on potty immediately after nap!

  • 210 - peed on potty after outdoor play!

  • 240 - peed on potty!

  • 315 - peed on potty!

  • 405 - peed on potty!

  • 445 - peed on potty!

Finished dinner 523

  • 525 - peed on potty!

  • 630 - peed on potty after bath

  • 730 - crying in bed, peed on potty

750 - asleep

  • 10 - accident (I didn’t get him up early enough and he had an accident by potty and by door)

2 accidents

17 successes

19 incidents

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