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17 Month Old Potty Training Day 2: Tippy Toes and Flying Poop and Oh So Many Wipes

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

You. All... If I thought the first day was rough... This second day was so much harder! First of all, on the first day, everything is new and exciting and my son clapped joyously after every success and boy did he want to please. On the second day, that brilliant sheen on the little teal potty had worn off and the leftover scent of toddler pee floated gingerly through the air.

By Day 2, we had began to look for other resources. Thus began my search for toddler potty training videos for children. Normally, I am very much anti-screen (and while my husband also claims to be anti-screen, he quite often can be found lounging in his recliner with a little love in his lap while they laugh hysterically at I Love Lucy or Red Skelton), but I thought perhaps I could make an exception for the sake of potty training. BIG. MISTAKE... Although the toddler videos were adorable and useful, my son suddenly became obsessed with my cell phone. This led to multiple sessions of copious tears followed by a surprise pee on the floor and then an extremely minimal success of getting out the last drop or two into the potty (see the play-by-play below for those details). So while the videos are visually appealing and each provides an adorable song about funny tummies and peeing on a potty, my mama brain was screaming "NEVER AGAIN!"

Perhaps the best thing that we did, however, was to have my husband squat down and actually pee on the potty for our little love. This was actually incredibly helpful and David even clapped for Daddy when he was all done (please let this sweetness never leave him!)!

We also have been dealing with this whole "MOMEEEEE" thing whenever my son wants anything. He started to do this a few weeks ago and it was really cute at first... but now... I'm just confused! Well, we realized that MOMEEEE means "I want" or "I need" and now it means "I am about to poop all over this place..." You see, we had this beautiful moment when I was in the kitchen and David Michael was in the living room. I could see him and he could see me and just as Tchaikovsky was ramping up in the most glorious of melodies, DM began running toward me, a smile blossoming across his little face while he said those most glorious sounds "MOMMEEEE!" I ran toward him at the same time, picked him up, and began to twirl him around. It was PERFECT. UNTIL... something brown and glistening went flying out from the bottom of his pants across the room, breaking that toddler pee aroma with a whole different fragrance as David let out a stream of giggles, clearly amused at his newly found talent.

Anyways, we have been following Jamie Glowacki's "Oh Crap!" method and Day 2 still had us on Block 1 (meaning - a naked baby). Here is what Day 2 looked like including meals and little notes (successes are emboldened):

  • No accident in our bed!

  • 8:40 - peed in hall away squatting

  • 8:42 - peed in hall away standing

  • 9:30 - peed in kitchen standing

After Allen actually peed in the small potty, DM has been trying to pee on potty but can’t always make it happen.

  • 10:00 - squatted in kitchen and let one drop go in the kitchen, I caught it and then he POOPED In The potty !

11:06 - milk with straw (2 oz); smoothie

  • 10:45 - peed standing by couch while messing with dog

12 - yogurt, 2 oz water,

  • 12:18 - peed in kitchen right when I walked out

  • 12:30 - 1245: 3 accidents standing, one potty pee

New tactics: show potty videos, potty books etc

Commando nap drive with puppy pad underneath (1:25)

  • No accidents on nap drive! (I will have to write about this in a future post, but this child would not sleep during the day unless we took him for a drive...)

Toddler Tantrums over Cell Phone:

  • 2:15 - crying -> pee on floor -> pee in potty

  • 2:30 - crying -> pee on floor -> pee in potty

  • 2:40- crying -> pee on floor -> pee in potty

2:45 - milk, smoothie, plum

  • 3:06 - peed on bookshelf in office standing

  • 3:15 - peed on potty!!!!

325 - mailbox commando no accidents

  • 3:28 - peed by piano while squatting

  • 3:47- crying -> pee on floor -> pee in potty

  • 4 - peed by door standing

  • 4:05 - peed by fridge standing

412 - finished milk (3 oz)

  • 4:23 - flying poo…

  • 4:24 - crying - pee on floor - pee on potty - claps 👏

  • 4:40 - peed in high chair

4:45 - finished oatmeal and chicken

  • 4:45 Peed on floor by dump truck - peed on potty

  • 5:05 - peed in potty

Trial commando walk - peed in pants

  • 5:25 - peed by gate, then peed in potty

  • 5:55 - peed in potty! (Grabbing crotch away from me)

  • 6:26 - peed on potty!?! (Tippy toes)

  • 7 - peed on potty!

  • 7:20 - peed on potty!! (Tippy toes and holding self)

  • 8 - peed on potty (after bath)

9 - Asleep

  • Midnight - peed on potty (resisted but we persevered)!

At the end of the day, our little love had 22 accidents and 15 pees/poops in the pot for a total of 37 events. What we noticed on this day was that he was really starting to get it towards the end of the day. Although we were both practically falling into bed on this night, we were really proud of our son. He was definitely improving and we were ready to move to Block 2 tomorrow (Commando)!

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